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Oscar's Wings

The Big O's best wings are only 3 easy steps away ...

1. Choose the amount of wings that you would like to order

10 wings - 13.99
30 wings - 41.97
50 wings - 69.95

2. Choose Your Sauce

Buffalo, BBQ, Teriyaki, Kujo (HOT), Thai Chili Bourbon, Garlic Parmesan or Naked (no sauce)

3. How Would You Like Us To Cook Them

Fried then tossed in your choice of sauce

Traditional wings finished on the grill to give your sauce a baked on taste

Double Dipped
Char buffed wings re-tossed in your choice of sauce

Multiple Sauces, add $.69 per 10 wings.
Double Dip, add $.69 per 10 wings.

Choice of Ranch or Blue Cheese, one per 10
Additional dressing $.35 each upon request.

Boneless Wings

10 wings - 9.99
30 wings - 29.97
50 wings - 49.95
Buffalo, BBQ, Teriyaki, Kujo (HOT), our new Garlic Parmesan Sauce or Naked (no sauce)


Toasted Ravioli

Your choice of breaded beef or cheese ravioli served with marinara sauce. 8.99

Ultimate Nachos

Huge! Crispy tortilla chips loaded with seasoned beef, tons of cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions and olives. Topped with sour cream.
11.99 | Sub chicken for 2.00

Italian Breaded Mozzarella Sticks

Crispy on the outside, creamy cheesy goodness on the inside. Served with marinara sauce. 9.99

Spicy Cheese Curds

Wisconsin cheese bites dipped in breading and tossed in a slightly spicy seasoning. 8.99

Chips & Salsa

Crispy tortilla chips served with our homemade salsa. 5.99

Chips & Queso

Crispy tortilla chips paired with piping hot queso cheese dip. A great beginner to any meal. 8.99

Fried Pickles

Thick cut pickle slices hand battered and served with our chipotle Ranch sauce. 8.99

Crispy Chicken Tenders

Five large chicken tenderloins, breaded and fried to perfection. Served with your choice of Ranch or BBQ sauce. 9.99

Onion Rings

Homestyle, breaded, sweet onion rings. Full Basket 7.99 / Half 4.99

Spinach Artichoke Dip

Rich and creamy, served with toasted Rye bread. 8.99

Cheesy Cauliflower

Tender cauliflower florets and Wisconsin cheddar coated in savory bread crumbs and cooked to a golden brown. 9.99

Butter Breaded Mushrooms

A large serving of savory breaded button mushrooms, served with creamy homemade Ranch or cheese sauce for dipping. 9.99

Mozzarella Cheese Breadsticks

A huge portion of homemade Mozzarella Cheese Breadsticks. 10.99

Fry Basket

Large helping of our delicious crinkle cut French fries. Full Basket 6.99 / Half 3.99

Pretzel Bites

Soft salted mini pretzel bite, served with our delicious house made queso. 8.99

Broccoli Cheddar Bites

Mini broccoli florets are combined with cheddar cheese, bacon, and onions in a potato-flake breading and served with chipotle ranch. 9.99

Soups & Salads

Available Dressings: Ranch, Fat-Free Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Dorothy Lynch,1000 Island, Italian, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Raspberry Vinaigrette & Honey Mustard

Side Salad

Crisp Greens, your choice of dressing, and crunchy croutons. 4.99

Side Caesar Salad

Romaine tossed with Caesar dressing, red onions, croutons & Parmesan cheese. 5.99

Dinner Salad

Large portion of crisp greens with cheese, tomatoes, red onions, black olives, crispy croutons and your choice of dressing. 7.99

Chicken Salad

Grilled or crispy chicken breast on top of crisp greens served with cheese, tomatoes, black olives, onions and your choice of dressing. 11.99

Taco Salad

Fried tortilla bowl, shredded lettuce, tomato, onion, black olives and cheese with choice of beef or chicken, served with sour cream, salsa & choice of dressing. 11.99

Soup of the Day

Never boring - ask your sever about our soup of the day. Cup. 4.99 Bowl. 5.99


Our own special recipe, homemade right here and delicious! Cup. 4.99 Bowl. 5.99 Cheese, onions or sour cream added upon request.

Chicken Caesar Salad

Fresh Romaine lettuce tossed in our traditional Caesar dressing with grilled chicken, red onions, croutons & Parmesan cheese. 12.99

Chef Salad

Ham, turkey, tomato, onion, black olive, cheese, croutons, egg and pepperoncinis piled high on a bed of lettuce and served with your choice of dressing. 11.99


Served with Side Salad and Garlic Cheese Bread. Sub a side Caesar Salad for 1.50 extra

Pasta Make It Your Way

Choice of Noodle: Spaghetti, Mostaccioli or Fettuccine
Pick Your Sauce: Marinara, Meat Sauce or Alfredo 9.99 | Add 2 meatballs. 11.99 | With grilled chicken. 12.99

Oscar’s Chicken Parmesan

Breaded with Italian seasoning, our succulent Parmesan chicken sits on top of a pile of spaghetti, topped with marinara sauce and more cheese for your dining pleasure! 12.99

Baked Lasagna

Choose from meat and cheese lasagna or vegetable lasagna, neither will disappoint you and sure to fill the appetite with plenty of layers of this homemade goodness. 11.99

Oscar's Pizza

Our special sauce is made with premium crushed tomatoes, select spices and the finest quality Mozzarella and Romano cheeses. Make any medium pizza gluten free for $3.00 more. Sorry no substitutions on specialty pizzas.

The Big "O"

Our Signature Pizza, loaded with hamburger, sausage, pepperoni, onions and green pepper.
Individual(4) 9.99 | Medium(12) 19.99 | Large(16) 21.99

Meat Lovers

The most popular meat toppings stacked high... hamburger, sausage, pepperoni & Canadian bacon.
Individual 9.99 | Medium 19.99 | Large 21.99

Sydney's Special

A tasty blend of four cheeses, Mozzarella, Romano, Smoked Provolone and Asiago, served with or without sauce.
Individual 8.99 | Medium 16.99 | Large 18.99

Chicken Alfredo

Delicious, creamy Alfredo sauce with grilled chicken, bacon and primavera vegetables.
Individual 9.99 | Medium 19.99 | Large 21.99

BBQ Chicken

Tangy BBQ and tender grilled chicken breast with red onions.
Individual 8.99 | Medium 18.99 | Large 20.99

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Oscars signature buffalo sauce and tender grilled chicken breast with red onions.
Individual 8.99 | Medium 18.99 | Large 20.99

Taco Pizza

Taco sauce, ground beef, white onions, Cheddar and Jack cheeses topped with lettuce tomato and tortilla strips served with homemade salsa and sour cream.
Individual 9.99 | Medium 19.99 | Large 21.99

Maui Special

A tasty combination of ham, Canadian bacon and pineapple.
Individual 8.99 | Medium 18.99 | Large 20.99

Vegetarian Special

Garden-fresh mushrooms, green peppers, onions and black olives.
Individual 8.99 | Medium 18.99 | Large 20.99

Pepperoni Popper Pizza

Double pepperoni, jalapenos and cream cheese.
Individual 9.99 | Medium 19.99 | Large 21.99

Pizza Your Way ...

Start with our signature homemade pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese and add your toppings!
Individual 7.99 | Medium 14.99 | Large 16.99

Additional Toppings: (each)

Individual $.99 | Medium 1.59 | Large 1.99
Hamburger, Sausage, Pepperoni, Canadian Bacon, Ham, Bacon, Chicken, Mushrooms, Onions, Green Peppers, Banana Peppers, Tomatoes, Pineapple, Black Olives, Artichoke Hearts, Green Olives, Anchovies, Jalapenos, Sauerkraut, Extra Mozzarella, Extra Romano, Alfredo Sauce, Buffalo Sauce and BBQ sauce


Choose from a juicy choice ground beef patty or a large mouth watering chicken breast. Served with choice of Crinkle Cut Fries, Side Salad, Cottage Cheese or Coleslaw. Sub a side Caesar salad, soup, chili or onion rings for 1.50 extra.

The Classic

Served with lettuce, tomato, onion and a pickle. 10.99 | Add cheese, bacon, BBQ sauce or mushrooms for .50

Triple Cheese

Calling all cheese lovers!! Cheddar, Swiss and Pepper Jack for melt-in-your-mouth goodness. 11.99

Bacon and Cheddar

You guessed it! Bacon and cheddar on top of your choice of chicken breast or beef patty ... Yum! 11.99

Mushroom Swiss

Sautéed mushrooms and melted Swiss make this an old time favorite! 11.99

BBQ Bacon Cheese

Crispy bacon, tangy BBQ sauce and good old American cheese! 12.49


Served with choice of Crinkle Cut Fries, Side Salad, Cottage Cheese or Coleslaw. Sub a side Caesar salad, soup, chili or onion rings for 1.50 extra.

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

Crispy breaded chicken tossed in our buffalo sauce and served with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle & your choice of Ranch or Blue Cheese dressing. 10.99

Chicken Caesar Wrap

Tender grilled chicken wrapped in a large flour tortilla, laced with our Caesar dressing, red onions and shredded cheese. 10.99

Crispy Chicken Wrap

Home-style breaded chicken stuffed in a large flour tortilla with lettuce, tomato & shredded cheese. Served with Ranch on the side. 10.99 | Make it a Buffalo Chicken Wrap Add .59

Philly Sandwich

Your choice of grilled beef or chicken with onions, green peppers, mushrooms, and loads of melted cheese. 10.99 Double the meat for 3.00 extra.

Pork Tenderloin

Our Signature Sandwich! Hand-breaded in house and delicious. If you love a good pork tenderloin, you’ve got to try ours! 10.99

Patty Melt

Finest ground beef patty with gooey Swiss and cheddar cheese and sautéed onions on grilled sourdough bread. 10.99


Delicious tender corned beef with Swiss cheese, 1000 Island dressing and sauerkraut on grilled Rye. 10.99

French Dip

Tender roast beef topped with Swiss cheese and served with au jus. 10.99

Turkey Club

Sliced turkey breast with crisp bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo on toasted wheat bread or wrapped in a tortilla. 10.99

Turkey Bacon Swiss Melt

Thin sliced turkey breast, piled with bacon, Swiss cheese and our signature sauce. Served on marble rye bread. 10.99

Oscar’s Sliders

4 mini cheeseburgers made with choice ground beef and topped with melted American cheese and pickles. 10.99


Crispy bacon, fresh lettuce and tomatoes makes this old favorite a great choice. 9.99

Fish and Chips

Hand-battered fish served up with our crispy fries and creamy coleslaw. 2pc 9.99 3pc 10.99

Southwest Chicken Wrap

Grilled chicken, tortilla strips, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, black olives and chipotle Ranch wrapped up in a large flour tortilla. 10.99

Italian Meatball Sandwich

Huge and hearty meatballs with our homemade sauce and tons of Mozzarella cheese all served on a hoagie bun. 10.99


Butter Cake

This warm dessert is made with delicious brown butter and rich cream cheese, then it's topped with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream and drizzled with chocolate syrup. 6.99

Brownie Sundae

Thick chewy chocolate fudge brownies, drizzled with chocolate and topped with vanilla bean ice cream. 6.99

Funnel Cake Fries

Served with chocolate sauce. 6.99

Kids Menu

(For Children 12 and Under) All served with Kid’s Fountain Soda.

Grilled Cheese

Choice of fries or applesauce. 6.99

Chicken Tenders

Choice of fries or applesauce. 6.99

Macaroni & Cheese

Choice of fries or applesauce. 6.99

Mini Corn Dogs

Choice of fries or applesauce. 6.99

2 Mini Cheeseburger Sliders

Two sliders with cheese with choice of fries or applesauce. 6.99

Personal Cheese Pizza

7.99 | Additional toppings add .99¢

Pasta and Choice of Sauce

Pick your sauce: butter, marinara or alfredo. Choice of fries or applesauce. 6.99